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SAWIA has provided a selection of copyright-free images, maps, presentations, logos and editorial text for use, at no charge.

All images, maps, presentations, logos and editorial text contained in this Internet site are to be used solely for the positive promotion of South Australian wine and wine regions. They cannot be used for commercial purposes or for paid advertising without the written authority of the SAWIA.  Refer to the Terms of Use and Copyright pages for more information.

All images, maps, presentations, logos and editorial text are available for download from this digital asset management system must not be sold or given away by the user without the permission of SAWIA. Every user must declare their usage of the resources prior to downloading and printing files.

All images, maps, presentations, logos and editorial text remain the property of the SAWIA and are protected by copyright to SAWIA and Milton Wordley Photography.

SAWIA reserves the right to have editorial control over any digital manipulation of  photographs available for download from the digital asset management system.

User Categories: Marketing materials can be tailored to specific markets and audiences whilst the core message and images should not change.

User Category

Permitted Use


Wine Industry Organisations

Regional Marketing Managers, Wine Company Marketing Managers.

Consumer show displays

Master Classes
Wine publications and guides

Regional Events

Overseas promotions

  • The user is to be recognised and endorsed by SAWIA.
  • All usage should be related to wine region promotion.
  • Images will not be issued for promotion of technical information
  • Images are not to be issued for paid advertising

State Government Agencies

Federal Local Governments Councils Government Departments

Regional Events

Overseas promotions
Public Displays and Promotions

Master Classes
Internal and External Presentations

  • Approved for use to those defined as agencies that are fully funded by the State Government of South Australia.
  • Images are for government use only and are not to be handed to any third party




Newspapers, magazines, trade publications

Overseas promotions

  • Should accompany positive editorial of South Australian wine and wine regions.
  • Shows South Australia as compelling with regions of distinct character.
  • Helps to define wines that come from somewhere as apposed to anywhere.

Tourism Industry


Overseas promotions

  • Images are not available for paid advertising



  • On application


Translation: The materials have been produced in English but may be translated into the language of target markets as required. This service is not provided by SAWIA.

Guidelines for use of hero and supporting images

The hero image unites people and place as a distinct starting point for telling the regional story and defining personality. This image should be reserved for ‘iconic’ status and used with the regional statement assigned to that region.

The supporting images can be used in combination with the hero image but should never substitute or proceed the hero image.

Hero images should not be cropped or used in part.  They should be used as full frame vertical images. (with the exception of the SA horizontal image which should be used as a full frame horizontal image).

Image files are supplied in different sizes. To maintain the quality of the image it is important to select the most suitable file size to match the final output.

Every effort should be made to ensure highest resolution quality is maintained.

As a guide – images used for on line presentations and websites need only be low res – 72 dpi. For offset or laser printing at A5 size you will need to download the larger file with a resolution of -300 dpi.  All images are provided as JPG files.

SAWIA will advise the user if the proposed usage of materials is not consistent with the recommendations. It is important, for the success of the project that we collectively work with the agreed brand essence, images and statements for each of the seven regions to communicate and enhance quality standards and consumer expectations worldwide.

Refer to the copyright section.